Every day the world wakes up to about 200000 more mouths to feed, for us to secure these future generations we need to develop new innovative strategies to meet societies food, fuel, and textile needs. Sustainable farming is the solution as it tries to integrate environmental health, economic profitability and social, economic equity into one cohesive system that preserves the process of food production.
There are so many techniques to promote soil health while minimizing water usage and lower pollution but all these measures will be futile if not all the stake holders are in agreement with the idea of sustainable farming. Measures that should be taken in undertaking sustainable farming are as follows;
Crop and livestock diversification.
Farmers can spread out risk by doing this. Furthermore, diversification has biological benefits as well as it can be used to suppress weeds and pathogens.
Efficient use of inputs.
Know the kind of fertilizers you put on the crops whether it is harmful to the plants or not.Soil management.
A well taken care of farm land keeps even the pets away from the crop, and there are various methods to protect and enhance the ground such as using a cover crop, reducing tillage and avoiding traffic on wet soil.
The animal enterprise must also be appropriate for the farm meaning animal selection can be based on animal nutrition and its compatibility with the farm. One such strategy being employed out there now is The Good Growth Plan which aims to address the challenges of high poverty rate among the farmers and why biodiversity is disappearing.
This benefits of sustained farming are many and some of them include;
Environmental preservation.
Sustainable farming produces crops and raises animals without using seeds that are genetic modified, toxic chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers or practices that deplete the water or degrade the soil. Instead, we should grow crops that use conservation tillage, crop rotation, and pasture based animal husbandry.
Upholding Animal welfare.
Raising animals on pasture enable animals to move freely, consume a natural diet and avoid illnesses and stresses associated with animal confinements. Therefore it is safe to assume that sustainable farming is good for the animals.
Protection of public health.
Food is grown safer for consumption because sustainable farming keeps hazardous chemical pesticides from the crops.
Industrial crop production came about after the consolidation of small farms and although it enabled the production of food products in large quantities, it limits sustainable farming in the future.The excessive use of chemical pesticides degrades and depletes the soil reducing its bio diversity.
Water conservation is a key cog in the sustainable farming machine, without water the plants would not grow and same with the animals. Therefore water should be conserved through storage, reduced volume irrigation among other measures. Drought resistant crops should be promoted in place of crops that use up a lot of water this would if anything prepare people for a shift in their dietary constituents.

Not only does sustainable farming answer many social and environmental questions but it offers viable economy and innovative opportunity to the farmers and consumers while fostering biodiversity and the development and maintenance of an ecosystem.






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